Victorian Government $250 Energy Compare – What You Need To Know

Victorian Government $250 Energy Compare – What You Need To Know

Victorian Government Offer $250 Energy Compare Incentive! What You Need To Know!!!

The state Government is offering Victorians the opportunity to claim a $250 bonus payment as an incentive to encourage people to look for a better energy deal via the Victorian Energy Compare website. The ‘Power Saving bonus’ are open to all Victorian households from the 1st of July 2022 and we strongly encourage all applicable households to compare energy providers regularly. Data suggests that 7 out of 10 users can save money by switching energy offers, with reports of savings between $330 and $580 per year. Obviously, we encourage you to do your own research but with a number of our clients asking us for more information on the initiative we thought it might be helpful to provide some thoughts on the concept.

Firstly, well done on being proactive and encouraging people to compare energy offers regularly. At Dunton Group, we’re biased but we think you should put your $250 and newfound energy savings towards a solar system and really discover the benefits of renewable energy! The energy compare website also provides a basic indication of potential savings by installing a solar system at your home or business. If you would like a more accurate and in-depth analysis of what potential savings you could gain and the payback time frame of installing a quality solar system, make sure you get in contact with us for an obligation free analysis.

We hope everyone that is eligible does compare their energy offerings and that everyone also considers the benefits of renewable energy, not only for the cost savings but the environmental benefits. We have a passion for Smart Energy and helping our clients achieve energy efficiency. Dunton Group are accredited members of the Clean Energy Council and offer a comprehensive Solar System design, supply & installation service. We have a highly knowledgeable team with over twenty-five years in the electrical and solar industry. Our specialty is Solar and Heat Pumps throughout the Mornington Peninsula region and beyond.

The Dunton Group are strong advocates of the benefits of solar power and green energy, our team are Mornington Peninsula locals who cherish this beautiful corner of the world that we’re lucky enough to call home. By providing homes and businesses with a reliable solar energy solution we’re doing our small bit to help the future of our planet.