Educational & how to solar videos

If you're interested in the more technical side of solar systems or looking for answers on a particular aspect of solar energy please get in touch with a member of the Dunton Group team. We have started to piece together some solar educational videos below for you.

An Introduction

We’re fortunate to be able to work at some incredible locations across the Mornington Peninsula and beyond. Our solar installations are utilised by homes and businesses from Portsea, Sorrento through to McCrae, Mount Martha, Mornington, Mount Eliza even Toorak, Brighton and Melbourne, with over 10,000 solar panels installed we’ve helped a lot of people save money on their energy bills whilst also doing their bit to help the environment. See below for some solar education videos. 

IS Solar worth it for commercial operations?

We are often asked if it is worth exploring a solar solution for businesses and commercial property. If you or someone you know has a business that are considering the benefits of solar energy then this video is for you…

Solar panels flat lay on a commercial roof

Monitor your solar system online: How to get the most from solarweb

If you have a solar system installed by Dunton Group Solar | Electrical then you will likely have access to monitor your system performance online via the Solar Web program. Join Tas for a more in depth look on how to use the program and monitor your solar system performance on a smart device or computer. 

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