Electric Vehicle Sales Near 100,000


The Australian EV market is surging!

Electric Vehicles

Australian Electric Vechicle Market Surges

The electric vehicle (EV) future in Australia is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Here are some key points regarding the EV future in Australia:

Government Initiatives:

The Australian government has started implementing policies and initiatives to promote the adoption of electric vehicles. This includes financial incentives, grants for EV purchases, and investment in charging infrastructure development. These measures aim to accelerate the transition to electric mobility.

Charging Infrastructure:

One of the challenges for EV adoption is the availability of charging infrastructure. Efforts are being made to expand the charging network across Australia, including fast-charging stations along major highways, in cities, and in public parking areas. Increased charging infrastructure will enhance the convenience and range confidence for EV owners.

Automaker Commitments:

Major automakers have committed to producing a wider range of electric vehicle models in the coming years. This includes both fully electric vehicles and hybrid models. The growing availability of electric vehicle options in the Australian market will likely contribute to increased adoption.

Cost Reduction:

As technology advances and economies of scale improve, the cost of electric vehicles is expected to decrease. Battery prices have been declining steadily, making EVs more affordable. Lower upfront costs, coupled with reduced operating and maintenance expenses compared to internal combustion engine vehicles, are likely to attract more consumers to electric vehicles.

Public Awareness and Demand:

The awareness and acceptance of electric vehicles among the general public are increasing. People are becoming more conscious of environmental concerns and the benefits of EVs in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The rising demand for sustainable transportation options is likely to drive the growth of electric vehicles in Australia.

Industry and Job Opportunities:

The growth of the electric vehicle industry will create new job opportunities in manufacturing, infrastructure development, and maintenance. This can lead to economic benefits and a transition toward a greener and more sustainable economy.

It’s important to note that the pace of the electric vehicle future in Australia will depend on various factors such as government policies, infrastructure development, technology advancements, and consumer adoption. However, with the global trend towards electrification and the increasing focus on reducing carbon emissions, the future looks promising for electric vehicles in Australia.

Why the Australian EV Market is the future

We recently read a great article from Elements about EV adoption and how that will impact the consumption of oil in the future. Studies suggest that a standard combustion engine passenger vehicle uses about 10 barrels of oil equivilent (BOE) per year. In comparison a motorcycle uses about 1, a bus over 275 BOEs per year! The same study suggests that 1 million barrels per day are consumed globally!

With increase adaption of electric vehicles we are expected to save 886,700 barrels of oil per day by 2025. This is as the world shifts from fossil fuels to electricity. Below is a great image highlighting the benefits of electric vehicles across the different segments of transport.


infographic showing market shift to EV to save oil

Dunton Group continue to grow our knowledge and experience in EV chargers, with installations now becoming part of our regular installs. From an environmental perspective it is great to see how many of our customers on the Mornington Peninsula are embracing the Electric Vehicle revolution!

If you have an EV or are considering purchasing one in the future, get in contact with our team to discuss the latest options available for EV Chargers and we can supply and install the best one for your needs.

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