Hot water heat pump storage units such as the iStore are a great option for every Mornington Peninsula property. Heating hot water for your home accounts for up to a quarter of your electricity costs for the average Australian household.

The Best HEAT PUMPS on the mornington peninsula

An efficient heating option such as the iStore installed by Dunton Group, can reduce hot water heating consumption by two thirds compared to conventional electric or gas storage systems, while also reducing CO2 emmissions! 

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HOT WATER FOR THE whole house

Ensure you have hot water 24/7 every day of the year with a cost effective, renewable source.

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renewable energy

Harness the power of the sun and help to reduce your energy costs while also reducing your environmental impact.

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economical hot water

A unit such as the iStore is extremely energy efficient which intelligent operating modes.


Dunton Group is a team of highly knowledgeable electrical experts with over twenty-five years experience in the electrical and solar industry.  

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solar panels installed

why choose a heat pump

A heat pump like the iStore offers many benefits, especially if it is able to replace your existing gas hot water system and allow you to remove the gas service to your property. This can save you on average $365+ per year!

Heating water for the home accounts for up to 30 % of the total energy usage for the average Australian household. iStore can reduce CO2emissions by up to 4 tonnes.

The iStore boasts 4 intelligent operating modes adapting to all situations, including a hybrid mode for when additional guests are staying in your home and a vacation mode for when you are away on holidays.

External wrap around ALL COPPER heating coil and dual anodes for superior system longevity. The iStore consumes approximately 500 W of energy per hour during the air-to-energy heating process.

Heat storage units such as the iStore Air to energy drastically reduces the electricity costs for a home or business, especially when it is combined with a solar system from Dunton Group! The iStore utilizes thermal energy and stores the excess solar energy generated from solar panels to convert hot water. Resulting in one of the most efficient and affordable storage and heating options available in Australia. The iStore is a product review award winner in 2021.  

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