Dunton Group Electrical Services are proud to partner with the leading brands in solar, one of the many benefits of utilizing such brands is providing the ability to easily and reliably monitor the performance of your solar system via your computer or smart device.

If you have an existing solar system installed by Dunton Group you will have the capability to monitor the system performance online. Most quality solar systems have an inbuilt wi-fi module which can be connected to a network, depending on the brand of inverter you can monitor and access the required data to track and analyze how your system is performing.

The reason most customers opt to include an additional smart meter with their solar system installation is to be able to access additional data, a smart meter gives you real time monitoring of your sites consumption against your production which shows you where and when you’re using your power. If you’re unsure how to access your Solar Web account or what to look for to monitor your solar system please watch the short video below. Tas has put together a quick how to video outlining where to find the log in for your account, how to log in and what to look for when monitoring your system. Or CONTACT US for more information.

To log in to your account visit Solar Web via this link: https://solarweb.com