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Mt Martha, victoria

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When the good people over at the Mount Martha Village Clinic needed a professional team to help fix a faulty solar system, the Dunton Group were the first call! 


A poor quality system installed by another company

The solar wasn’t even connected to the grid 


Call Dunton Group, replace all 3 existing single phase inverters with a Fronius Three Phase + Single Phase inverter and then actually connect to the grid!

SOLAR STORY: Mount Martha, Victoria

Our biggest pet hate in life is solar companies that offer the world for a cheap price too good to be true and then provide a product that was never going to do the job! Like most things in life the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten. 

It’s a far too common story, a solar company offers a cheap system, they get subcontractors to install the product, take payment in full and disappear, never to be heard from again with no warranty, no customer service and in some cases no working solar system.   

At Dunton Group we pride ourselves on using our own team and backing up our products with market leading service. We partner with the very best brands in the industry, SunPower, Fronius, Tesla, Clenergy, Enphase & iStore. With 25+ years experience and over 10,000 panels installed, we put our name and reputation to providing the absolute best customer service in the industry.    



The previous installation was faulty and never connected to the grid. 


The new shiny quality system using market leading brands! 


Unfortunately the panels were of poor quality and the installation not to the standard we would expect, as a result the panels ended up coming loose in high winds and almost ended up in the neighbours backyard! We were able to get up on the roof despite the wind and secure the panels to limit the damage and ensure the safety of the business and their neighbours. 

Product Features

For this solar installation we have opted to use a Fronius Symo Three Phase Inverter combined with a Fronius Primo Single Phase Inverter with a Tesla Powerwall 2.


Worldwide Market Leader

Great Customer Support

Maximum Performance

Online Reporting & Monitoring

The solar installation includes access to Solar Web, enabling easy access to monitor the daily production and performance of the solar system.

PV Data

The photovoltaic output can be monitored online, providing a simple way to track the electricity being produced from the energy of the sun.

Check System Performance

Make sure your solar system is performing as expected, catch any potential problems or issues with production immediately.


We are Sam and Tas Dunton, we lead the team at Dunton Group Electrical Services. A highly knowledgeable team with over twenty-five years in the electrical and solar industry. Our specialty is Solar and Heat Pumps throughout the Mornington Peninsula region and beyond.

We have a passion for Smart Energy and helping our clients achieve energy efficiency. Dunton Group are accredited members of the Clean Energy Council and offer a comprehensive Solar System design, supply & installation service.

We’re proud to provide our clients with the very best in solar technology, we carefully select the brands and products we use to ensure the highest quality system is installed that provides the best value for each individuals needs.

The numbers

The Dunton Group are strong advocates of the benefits of solar power and green energy, our team are Mornington Peninsula locals who cherish this beautiful corner of the world that we’re lucky enough to call home. By providing homes and businesses with a reliable solar energy solution we’re doing our small bit to help the future of our planet.
  • CO2 Savings total – 15,000+ trees 
  • co2 savings total – 1 million + km’s 
  • $1,500,000+ total savings

Solar Panels

Satisfied Clients

Years of Experience

Tonnes of CO2 Reduction

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At Dunton Group Solar Electrical we pride ourselves on providing genuine advice on the latest solar technology available.