solar installation for your new build or renovation

solar installation for your new build or renovation

If you are planning a new build or a renovation it is absolutely imperative to talk to the solar installer as soon as possible. Include your builder and other trades if needed, but the earlier you can talk to the solar installers the better your install will be.

Clients who are in a position to engage us early in the process enjoy the benefit of a cleaner and often more visually appealing finish. All new builds and most renovations have stages where frames are exposed which allows your solar electrician to run cables through concealed locations such as running cables through a cavity in the walls to avoid external obtrusion and ruing the aesthetics of your nice new build or renovation.

Here is an example of one of our recent prewire projects we finished, the cables run through a cavity so they are hidden from site and the roof cables come through in a location that will be covered by the solar panels and therefore also out of site. From the ground level you will not see any of the solar electrical works avoiding a messy interruption to what is otherwise an amazing aesthetic!

Here is an example of a job that WE DID NOT DO the photos are from the ‘Crap Solar’ Facebook Group. With a little thought and planning the conduit running up the outside of the house could have been concealed internally providing a neater finish for this brand-new build.

At Dunton Group we work closely with a number of leading local builders who trust that we will provide a quality finish that complements the work they are doing on the property, from new builds to renovations we’re proud to be the preferred solar supplier for builders on the Mornington Peninsula who value quality and understand the importance of maintaining the best possible aesthetics of the property.

If you are planning a new build or renovation or know a builder in the local area that could use the service of a reliable, quality solar installer than we would welcome a conversation about your next project. Please get in touch via the form below or CONTACT US.

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