Power your home in an outage with a Generator Transfer Switch


Keep the important things running during an outage with a generator transfer switch!

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A Generator Transfer Switch is an alternative for a battery

The popularity of battery storage options such as the Tesla Powerwall have continued to grow in recent years and we are including a battery with almost a quarter of our solar installations now. However, a battery is not always affordable or the right option for everyone. A more affordable option is to install a generator transfer switch.

Everyone can benefit from a battery storage solution for their home or business, who wouldn’t want to use the energy stored from their solar panels at night or during an outage!? Sometimes the cost is prohibitive and the return on investment is too long for it to be the right decision.

If you are one of the many people who want to have the benefit of a battery back up especially during an outage, then there are other options to consider. A generator transfer switch is something we have installed for clients a number of times in recent months, it is becoming more popular as the available generator options improve.

What is a generator transfer switch?

A generator transfer switch is an electrical device that switches the power from your electrical utility to your generator, and vice versa. It is usually installed next to the electric panel in your home by a professional such as Dunton Group. A transfer switch makes it easy and convenient to power your home. When the power goes out, you simply flip the switch to “Generator Power,” connect your generator, and start the generator. There’s no need to mess with multiple extension cords.

A transfer switch lets you use your home’s wiring system to power any appliance in your home with your generator quickly and easily. This includes items like a stove or a water pump, ceiling fans, and other appliances are hard wired into your home. A transfer switch is the easiest and safest way to connect these items to the generator.

A transfer switch can also increase the usefulness of your generator. A transfer switch makes power management very easy to do. You can easily turn on and off various circuits to accommodate changing power needs.

New Technology In Generator Power

As the demand for renewable energy grows so does the new technology available for us to enjoy! The latest options in solar generators is really exciting to us at Dunton Group, you can store power in a portable power station and then use it to power your home or business in an outage.

You can even take your portable solar generator with you if you go camping or a day at the park.

At some point, the power will likely go out in your home. Extreme weather events, natural disasters, and ageing electricity grid failures could leave your family in the dark at any time. A home backup power solution can be a huge help in any of these situations. A home battery backup system or a backup generator can both help meet your household’s essential electricity needs in the event of a power outage. 

A traditional home generator produces electricity by burning fuel rather than storing it for later use. Typically, you connect a generator to your existing wiring and turn it on manually when the power goes out. More sophisticated models may automatically kick in when an outage is detected. In recent years there has been an advancement in solar generators that can be powered without the need for using fossil fuels. Some such generators can integrate directly into a home or motorhome’s main circuit for uninterrupted power and increased reliability.

For more information or to discuss if this is a good option for your circumstances please contact a member of the Dunton Group team.


a house during an outage still has power because of the generator transfer switch

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